Elizabethtown College Family Making the Most Out of Remote Learning
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Elizabethtown College sophomore Ainsley Thimes ’23 received a surprise from her parents that made her transition from traditional learning to remote learning just a little easier this semester. According to Thimes, her parents have helped to make the experience of remote learning a positive one. She was especially surprised when she walked into her living room one morning and saw a sign with her face on it that said: “Elizabethtown College Long Beach, CA Campus.”

“I laughed uncontrollably, followed by, ‘thank you’ for what my parents had done,” Thimes said.

It was not an easy decision to study remotely, because Ainsley knew she would miss seeing her friends and professors at Etown, but still decided that it would be the best option for her during the fall 2020 semester. Because of this decision, her parents decided that since she would not be able to physically be at the campus she loves, they would attempt to bring the Etown campus to her home in Long Beach, California.

“The campus locations look a little bit different now that the Dell is now the beach, the BSC is now my living room, and the High library is now my desk,” said Thimes. “Zoom University might not be ideal, but it helps to try and to make the many new Elizabethtown College campus locations a little more comfortable.”

Ainsley shared she will connect with friends at Etown online, watching movies, drinking coffee, and studying over Zoom and Facetime together.

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