Career Services Expands Student-Employer Opportunities through Departmental Meet and Greets
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Elizabethtown College’s Career Services Office aims to prepare students to land students their perfect job, internship or post-graduate opportunity. While the Career Services staff is readily available to assist students in preparing for their future, they have taken it a step further by introducing specialized ‘Meet and Greet’ events with potential employers throughout the spring semester.

The Meet and Greet events began on Feb. 12 with mini job fairs for both Business and Engineering students. These two-hour events welcomed students to speak with employers in an open and business casual setting. By giving students the chance to network with employers, share their resume, and practice their communication skills, these job fairs, “typically lead to multiple job and internship offers for students. They also lead to increased engagement in our events,” says Shane Rottier, Coordinator of Employer Engagement and Job Development with Career Services.

Coming up later this spring are the Health and Helping Professions Fair on Thursday, March 12 and the Communications, Graphic Design, and English Meet and Greet on Friday, March 27. While the Health and Helping Professions Fair is on its third year, the Communications, Graphic Design, and English Meet and Greet are all new additions this year. “These smaller events are a great way to get employers to campus and to help students find amazing opportunities in the spring,” shares Rottier. “The targeted nature helps students connect quickly with organizations hiring specifically for their major. It also helps employers connect with many qualified students in a relaxed setting in a short period of time.”

As all students are invited to participate in these events, they also offer a great opportunity for first and second-year students to gain insight into what jobs and internships will be available for them in their junior and senior years. Employers are also able to connect with these students for potential hiring later on.

Along with these meet and greet events, Career Services also hosts an annual Job, Internship, and Grad School Expo in the fall which is open to all majors and levels. This event draws in over 120 organizations each year. In addition to all of these events, Rottier shares, “We have events that target professional skills development and we offer assistance with resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, networking, elevator pitches, and connecting with alumni and industry professionals.” Career Services is working to ensure the success of all E-town students.

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