Jaywalkers No More—Meet the New Blue Jay Ambassadors
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E-town is familiar with our student tour guides, the Jaywalkers, guiding prospective students and families around campus. Now, the Jaywalkers have been rebranded to Blue Jay Ambassadors, new and improved tour guides and E-town advocates. These students are a welcoming first impression to prospective students and showcase the friendly and intimate atmosphere of our campus. Their passion and love for E-town shines through in the work they do and how they connect with families looking to enroll students at the College

It’s not just the name that has reworked. The tour ambassadors give have been shortened and focused on a specific route to highlight the most exciting and important aspects of campus. The newest stop on tours is the Bowers Center for Sports Fitness and Well-Being, which has gained positive feedback from admissions events and individuals since its introduction to the tour. “Guests are consistently in awe of the Bowers Center from the moment they step foot into the building,” said Senior Director of Admissions, Adam Smith. “The clean, modern facility often has students immediately picturing themselves as an E-town student.”

These tours of campus are a great way to show people what makes E-town so unique and inviting. In order to provide families with a glimpse at the attention students will receive at E-town, tour groups have been modified to not be any larger than the student to faculty ratio, 11:1. Each student and family is respected, welcomed with open arms, and shown what makes our campus so great.

Touring is not where these Blue Jay Ambassadors stop. They dedicate their time and energy to work admissions events, host overnight students, and connect with families before and after their tour. This allows the school to connect with families on a deeper level and show them that their student will be valued at E-town. Ambassadors are also trained to drive golf carts to provide accessible tours for any prospective student that may need those accommodations. The Blue Jay Ambassadors are known for having a strong passion for E-town and a desire to share that passion with future students. All of them are excited to do their part to bring in new students to E-town.

“I feel like this job has allowed me to change a few student’s lives,” Junior Makensie Kilby said. “I love being able to show these students how excited I truly am about my school.

The idea to rebrand the Blue Jay Ambassadors is designed to improve the touring and admissions experience for prospective students, showing them the values of E-town and how they can expect to feel as a member of this community. The tour is often the first step in the college process, and by having E-town students take on the mindset of being ambassadors for the College, the prospective students and their families will get a true appreciation for the Elizabethtown College experience.

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    These voyages through grounds are an extraordinary method to show individuals what makes E-town so remarkable and welcoming.

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