The Perfect Study-Buddy: Starbucks Coffee Kiosk Now Open at High Library
September 24, 2019   //   By:   //   Campus & Community

Sometimes it seems that college students (and staff) run on coffee. With everyone’s busy schedules picking up at the start of the semester, the library is offering a new, quick way to get your coffee. Whether you need an early morning perk-up or a late night sip to power through your study session, the new Starbucks coffee kiosk on the main level of the High Library is there for you!

Just as the Blue Bean began serving Starbucks products in the fall of 2018, this new kiosk will also serve Starbucks coffee. Though the kiosk will not have all the same options as the Blue Bean, there are still plenty of choices for a variety of warm beverages! The kiosk offers coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, lattes, and chai lattes. Coffee blend options include Starbucks’ Verona, Pike Place, and French Roast blends.

The self-serve kiosk offers cups in two sizes, 12 ounces for all beverage options and an additional 16 ounce option for coffee, cappuccino, and lattes. All you need to do is swipe your E-town ID to pay, and your drink will be made for you. Add-ins such as sugar and creamer are available at the kiosk as well. It is a simple way to get a coffee boost or sweet drink on the go. No need to sift through a lengthy menu of options or worry about making your own drink in your dorm in the morning—simply stop by the library for a grab-and-go.

The new kiosk will be open during the library’s regular hours so the campus community will have access to Starbucks drinks on campus even when the Blue Bean may be closed. This will be especially beneficial on weekends and late nights. Prices on the new machine will be similar to those seen in the Blue Bean with the cheapest option starting at $1.75 and the most expensive up to $4.

Excitingly, the new kiosk is not where the new renovations to the library stop. The library staff continue to work hard to update the library based on interest from students. Over the summer, facilities worked diligently to complete renovations to the main level of the library. Thanks to funding from S. Dale High ’63 and the George I. Alden Trust, the library was able to install new LED lighting, new carpet, put on a fresh coat of paint, install a new IDEA lab, a space used for events, displays, and exhibits, and refresh the look of the library with new furniture and a new layout. The furniture was chosen based off of student feedback on options installed in the library last semester.

“We invite everyone to continue to take advantage of the library’s many services and amenities,” Director of the Library, Sarah Penniman said. “We’re excited to be able to offer an in-house coffee option in the library, as students have expressed interest in this perk for several years.”

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