Elizabethtown College Presents: Climate Change and the Fate of Civilization
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A lecture that explores the effects of climate change in the past and future

In order to increase the public consciousness on climate change, Elizabethtown College Professor Michael Scanlin, who holds a Ph.D. in Geosciences, will hold the lecture, “Climate Change and the Fate of Civilization” at Elizabethtown College on Wednesday, Oct. 9 from noon to 2 p.m. in the Susquehanna Room.

“Even though climate change is an existential threat, it’s a reality that hasn’t quite penetrated the public consciousness,” Scanlin said.

Professor Scanlin’s lecture will explore the topic of how the Earth’s climate system works with the aid of ocean currents and the atmosphere. Using that information, Scanlin will explain climate change’s impacts and implications on present and future civilizations.

Scanlin will also cover how human activities are connected to the current global warming trend; the potential environmental, economic, and societal problems that it could cause.

Tickets for the lecture can be purchased by contacting mailto:IAenrichseries@etown.edu. For information on the lecture please call (717) 361-1489.

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