E-town in the News: November 2015
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Dr. Sara Atwood and Dr. Brenda Read-Daily, assistant professors of engineering, were interviewed for a Magazine for Professional Engineers article, titled “Pennsylvania Engineering Professors Mix Creativity with Ethics Education.”

Edsel Burdge, research associate for the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, was quoted in the LNP article, “Counting the Amish: Researchers explain their methodology.”

Paul Cramer, vice president for enrollment, was interviewed for “Midstate colleges weighing how to deal with defunct loan program,” an article that appeared in Central Penn Business Journal.

Student Ariel Davis-Robinson and Brandon Jackson, the College’s coordinator of Multicultural Programs and Residential Communities, appeared in the photo feature, “Elizabethtown College holds moment of silence for those affected by violence.”

Student Wayne Gross was interviewed for, “Hoverboards’ have arrived,” an LNP story on the transportation devices.

Dr. April Kelly-Woessner, professor of political science and department chair, was interviewed for The Times of Israel article “How would Orwell feel about today’s college campuses?”  She also was quoted in The Atlantic article “The New Intolerance of Student Activism” and a Mises Institute article “When You’re Popular, You Don’t Need Freedom of Speech.” Kelly-Woessner also wrote the LNP op-ed “Benghazi hearings only helped Clinton in White House pursuit” and was interviewed for the National Catholic Review article “Mizzou and Why We Need to Talk About Race.”

Dr. David Kenley, director of the Center for Global Understanding & Peacemaking and professor of history, was interviewed for the LNP article “Mormon Church revisions to handbook, designed to aid families, lead some to leave church.”

Dr. Kyle Kopko, assistant professor of political science and director of the Pre-Law and Honors programs, was quoted in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review–Trib Live article “Attorney General Kane’s fall from stardom to scandal fast, hard.”

Student Paul Lecurieux-Lafayette was interviewed for a Fox43 piece on the College’s moment of silence. In another Fox43 piece, Lecurieux-Lafayette, student Nathan Copros and assistant chaplain The Rev. Amy Shorner-Johnson were interviewed.

Dr. Fletcher McClellan, dean of faculty and professor of political science was interviewed by Metro World News for the political article, “Ben Carson ahora toma la bandera republicana y desplaza a Trump.” (“Ben Carson takes the Republican lead and bumps Trump.”)

Student Samuel Michel was interviewed for Fox43’s “Local students studying in Paris are all safe.” He and student Ariel Davis-Robinson also were interviewed for a WHP-TV piece on the College’s moment of silence after the violent attacks in Paris, France.

Mike Mitchell, executive director of the High Center, wrote the LNP column “What it really means to have empowered employees.”

Dr. Brian Newsome, assistant dean for general education and assessment and associate professor of history, wrote the column, “Imperialism, Resentment, and Extremism” for an LNP opinion page.

Dr. Richard Newton, assistant professor of religious studies, spoke with LNP reporters for “Local college campuses re-examining issues of race, diversity and inclusion”  and “Just how do we measure faith in the US?”

Dr. Steven Nolt, appointed Senior Scholar for the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, was noted in hires in the Chronicle of Higher Education, was mentioned in Mennonite World review and was the subject of a feature article in LNP’s “Elizabethtown College names Steven Nolt successor to Don Kraybill at Young Center.”

Alexandra Poole, assistant professor of philosophy, was mentioned in a Newsmakers column in Central Penn Business Journal.

Andrew Powell, director of Campus Security, was interviewed about the Food for Fines program for ABC27, The Sentinal/Cumberlink.com and LNP. The program also was featured in the LNP article, “an update on a ‘Food for Fines’ parking ticket payoff” and in Inside Higher Ed.

Dr. Jean Pretz, associate professor of psychology and department chair, was mentioned in a Scientific America magazine blog on “Does College Admissions Criteria Capture Creativity?”

Carroll Tyminski, associate professor of education, and students Maria Anderson ’18 and Jon Anderson ’17 were interviewed for a pair of feature articles about Chris Davis, a student with autism: “Learning/teaching a 2-way street at Elizabethtown College” and “How one Lancaster County family adapts to son’s severe form of autism.”

Rachel Vandernick, web content and social media manager, was interviewed by LNP for the article “Where did colleges’ Facebook ratings go?”

Jesse Waters, director of the Bowers Writers House and lecturer in English, was interviewed by online news outlet Investopedia for the higher ed article “Why Companies Like Grads With a Liberal Arts Degree.”


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